If you have a love for all things relating to fountain pens, then you have found a site that was designed with you in mind.  It does not matter if you are into old or new, you are sure to find a special treasure within these pages.  Maybe you already have a special treasure and need it restored or tuned. Or maybe you want its nib customized — we do that too.  Quality inks, journals, and cases make the perfect accompaniment to your new or vintage fountain pen.  As your choice in a pen says a lot about your tastes, so do the accessories that you choose.  Enjoy browsing our site, and don't miss out on our reference pages and blog.  There you will find a wealth of information on everything from the proper way to clean your pen to when and where the next pen show is.



Because we want you to have the best experience possible when you purchase a fountain pen or nib from us, we tune each pen and nib at no extra charge unless otherwise requested.  Nibs are installed in a pen body, filled with Waterman Mysterious Blue ink, tested on better than average quality paper, then adjusted for alignment, ink flow, and smoothed to bring it to the standards that you should come to expect when buying a fountain pen or nib from Indy-Pen-Dance.



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