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What Do These Symbols Mean?

Basic Pen Care
     How To Clean Your Fountain Pen
     How To Ship Your Fountain Pen

     Basic Grinds Explained
     Linda's Full Flex Nib Reviewed
     Richard's Stroke Width Chart
     Creating a Personal Writing Experience
     Fountain Pen Sac Size Guide
     Pelikan Nib Interchangeability Chart
     Changing Screw-in Nib Units
     Inks: The good, the Bad, and the Ugly
     Inks: Report on the pH of More than 60 Inks
     Flex, a Disaster in the Making
     Sheaffer Snorkel Identification Guide

Pen Comparisons
     Fountain Pen Vital Statistics
     Bexley Pen Comparison
     Edison Pen Comarison
     Gate City Pen Comparison
     Pelikan Pen Comparison
     Pilot/Namiki Pen Comparison

Pen Reviews
New Postal Reservoir

Restoration Tips & Tricks   

     Vac-fill Testing
     Fixing Clogged Sheaffer Balance Feeds
     Flossing A Sheaffer Snorkel Tube
     Aurora 88 Piston Repair

Assorted Articles
     What is Fountain Pen Friendly Ink? 
     Guide to Buying Restored Fountain Pens on eBay
     Are Modern Pens As Good As Old Ones?

History and Pens
U.S. Pen Manufacturers Database
     American Stationer Index
     Bookseller & Stationer Index
     Geyer's Stationer Index
     Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review
     New England Stationer and Printer Index
     Walden's Stationer and Printer Index
     The Governor Roberts Pen

Articles From Richard Binder
     We want you to have access to the best available information and instructions.  Instead of
     re-writing what Richard has already perfected, we will connect you directly to his articles.

Pen Model Profiles

Repairer's Corner

The Technical Stuff
     Return Policy
     Shipping Policy

Recommended Reading

Richard Binder Books

You can read the Kindle or Nook versions of Richard's books on your Android device, your iPhone, or your iPad with the appropriate free app.

cover The RichardsPens Guide to Fountain Pens, Volume 1: Glossopedia 
iBooks format (enhanced version, for iPad only) 
mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app)
ePub format (for iPhone, Nook, Sony, et al.

The Glossopedia is a compact glossary/mini-encyclopedia of definitions and descriptions for more than 1,200 pen-related words, phrases, and names, with extensive cross-references, nearly 800 illustrations, and more than 130 patent citations that are linked to their respective patent documents at the Google/Patents website. It’s an indispensable reference.



The RichardsPens Guide to Fountain Pens, Volume 2: Restoration  
mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app)
ePub format (for iPhone, iPad, iBooks on Mac) 
ePub format (for Nook) 
Printed, deluxe full-color paperback (7"×10")  
Printed, oversize lie-flat coil-bound deluxe full-color paperback (8-½"×11")

This book is an adjunct to the two excellent existing repair manuals, Marshall/Oldfield and Da Book. It contains material that is often very specific to a particular pen or type of pen, but much of its information can also be applied generally to other pens. Learn what is here, extrapolate from it, and apply your new knowledge to the needs of the pen in your hands at any given moment.

A premium full-color perfect-bound paperbook is available through Amazon.com.  The inside margin is extra wide so that you can have it punched and put into a 3-ring binder.  Or if you'd prefer a larger format that will lie flat on your repair bench, Richard has arranged with another vendor to supply a specialcoil-bound edition, as well.


The RichardsPens Guide to Fountain Pens, Volume 3: Filling Systems 
mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app)
ePub format (for iPhone, iPad, iBooks on Mac)  
ePub format (for Nook)  
In this companion book to his RichardsPens Guide to Fountain Pens, Volume 2: Restoration, Richard catalogs virtually every filling system he has encountered, encompassing most fountain pens from the late 1800s to the present. This volume not only outlines the history of fountain pen filling systems from the early days to the 21st century, it also also gives in-depth directions on how to fill these classic pens yourself. Like a friendly neighbor down the street, he gives you a step-by-step for all of them. It's like having a veteran fountain pen expert at your side. Illustrated with patent drawings and never-before-seen pictures that explain the behind-the-scenes story of filling system development, this definitive text will serve generations to come.



The RichardsPens Guide to Fountain Pens, Volume 4: Learning About Pens

mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app) 
Other Stores Coming Soon!

In his years of collecting and restoring fountain pens, Richard Binder has become one of the world's foremost authorities on fountain pen history and repair techniques. In this volume, he dishes up a goodly serving of information about various aspects of understanding, collecting, and enjoying pens. Beginning collectors and veterans alike will learn something new and exciting about their hobby.

366 Days of World War II 
iBooks format (for iPhone, iPad, iBooks on Mac) 
mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app)
ePub format (for Nook, Sony, et al.

For one year, from 6 June 2013 to 5 June 2014, Richard Binder posted daily “diary”
entries about World War II on Facebook, a project he undertook to honor the men and women who fought and died during World War II and to raise awareness of why the war was fought and how terrible it was. This book is a compilation of those entries, just as they were posted except for a few minor corrections and additions.

cover The Curmudgeon’s Dictionary 
ePub format (for iPhone, iPad, iBooks on Mac) 
mobi format (for Kindle, Kindle app)
ePub format (for Nook, Sony, et al.
From the Foreword: “This dictionary owes its existence to the inspiration provided by the rapier wit and insightful commentary of Ambrose Bierce. The author hopes, in placing this opus before the public, to afford its discriminating readers a healthy chuckle at the expense of those others at whose obvious foibles and frailties these barbs are directed.”


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