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Nib Services


Nib Smoothing: $25  (Binderizing)
Tine alignment, flow adjustment and smoothing of the nib tip. Linda's goal is to make your pen a joy to write with, not a hassle.  Linda has spent exstensive time training under Richard Binder and is constantly honing her skill.

Bent Nib Repair
Bent nib repair starts at $35, and can go up based on the severity of the bend and time it takes to bring the pen back into proper alignment.

Custom Nib Grinding:

Stub Grinds From $40
0.5mm or broader $40
0.4mm or finer $50

Cursive Italic Grinds from $40
0.7mm or broader $40
0.6mm or finer $50

DailyItalic™ Grinds from $40
0.7mm or broader $40
0.6mm or finer $50

XXF Grinds $50 - Please contact us for sizing under XXF

If you wish to take advantage of our restorations services please use the Contact Us form to let us know what you need. We will then provide you with instruction of how and where to send your pen(s) for service.

Kind Regards,
Mike & Linda

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