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March 2021 Musings

Repair Bench Notes

Aspiring Nib Tech or Restorer?

Each month we will share some of the nib and restoration issues that we frequently see.

Linda's Bench:
From a recent email:

I noticed that the tines were out of alignment and tried to put it right myself, but with a hooded nib, I think I only made things worse.

Hooded or standard nib, it really makes no difference. This is the possible outcome if you do not know what you are doing. We understand and like that people want to tune and smooth their nibs but caution that they should do so only if they know what they are doing. And if you are just learning, work with a nib on a pen that doesn't mean as much to you. We suggest you review the following article we assisted Richard Binder with before working on your nibs: http://www.richardspens.com/ref/nibs/beginners.htm

Mike's Bench:
Last month we had the pleasure of restoring not only an extremely rare pen, but one tied to some rather interesting history. You can read the write up on the Sheaffer Honor Masterpiece set here: http://www.indy-pen-dance.com/the-james-malarkey-pen.html


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