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(This page revised August 27, 2017)

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If you enjoy vintage pens and their history, then you are no stranger to researching obscure makes or narrowing down time lines or company histories. Having a chronologial directory of your research material makes it easier to trace the information you are seeking without having to wade through the same information over and over. As more and more publications are being digitized, it is becoming much easier to be a history sleuth. We do much of our research though Google Books and the Hathi Trust, and we have produced this index to make your research easier and more enjoyable.

Bookseller & Stationer was a Canadian trade publication. While generally similar to American Stationer and Geyer's Stationer, it contains more information on smaller companies. The volumes we have indexed are from the Thomas Fisher rare book collection, and they were digitized by the University of Toronto.

Bookseller & Stationer

This index, while it is my own work, was inspired by the indexes of American Stationer and Geyer’s Stationer created by David Nishimura, who in turn was inspired by the work of George Kovalenko. While I was working, I came across a third publication, Bookseller & Stationer, that I found to be equally useful, and I indexed that publication as well. I have since learned that David has Bookseller and Stationer indexed as well.

Bookseller & Stationer

Dates Volume                         Links

1896 – 1897 XII & XIII (12 & 13)     Archive.org
1898 – 1899 XIV & XV (14 & 15)     Archive.org
1900 Jan – Dec XVI (16)     Archive.org
1901 Jan – Dec XVII (17)     Archive.org
1902 Jan – Dec XVIII (18)     Archive.org
1903 Jan – Dec XIX (19)     Archive.org
1904 Jan – Dec XX (20)     Archive.org
1905 Jan – Dec XXI (21)     Archive.org
1906 Jan – Dec XXII (22)     Archive.org
1907 Jan – Dec XXIII (23)     Archive.org
1908 Jan – Dec XXIV (24)     Archive.org
1909 Jan – Dec XXV (25)     Archive.org
1910 Jan – Dec XXVI (26)     Archive.org
1911 Jan – Dec XXVII (27)     Archive.org
1912 Jan – Dec XXVIII (28)     Archive.org
1913 Jan – Dec XXIX (29)     Archive.org
1914 Jan – Dec XXX (30)     Archive.org
1915 Jan – Dec XXIII (31)     Archive.org
1916 Jan – Dec XXXII (32)     Archive.org
1917 Jan – Dec XXXIII (33)     Archive.org
1918 Jan – Dec XXXIV(34)     Archive.org
1919 Jan – Dec XXXV (35)     Archive.org
1920 Jan – Dec XXXVI (36)     Archive.org
1921 Jan – Dec XXXVII (37)     Archive.org
1922 Jan – Dec XXXVIII (38)     Archive.org

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