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Gate City - Belmont Black Ice

Gate City - Belmont Black Ice
Gate City - Belmont Black Ice Gate City - Belmont Black Ice Gate City - Belmont Black Ice Gate City - Belmont Black Ice Belmont is easy to fill!
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Belmont Black Ice by Gate City Pen

The Belmont Black Ice is a glacial beauty. The black with blue and white pearl reminds us of moonlit glaciers. The material used to make this pen is a special blending of resins and is made in the USA making each piece as unique as the individual using it.

Fitted with top quality German made JoWo nibs in either steel, unbranded 14K Gold (optional upgrade) or unbranded 14K Gold Full Flex - this is a very classy pen for those with discriminating tastes.

  • Available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, or Broad points.  
  • 14K nib options include Fine, Medium, and Broad in unbranded nibs.
  • Syringe filling system allows you to fill from your favorite bottled ink.
  • Customize nibs make your pen unique and a joy to write with.
  • Flex nibs are crafted from unbranded 14K nibs.

57/16" (138.1 mm) Capped
615/32" (164.3 mm) Posted

Fills Like Lightning, Writes Like a Dream! 

In 1904, Alfred B. Davis patented a filling system that, even today, remains the quickest and most positive self filler ever invented. Davis’ “plunger” filler made its commercial appearance on pens branded Post, and for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the Post filler. Today it’s often referred to as a syringe filler for its similarity to the operation of an ordinary medical syringe. The Belmont Pen takes its name from one of the brands sold during the Golden Age by the famous Rexall chain of drug stores, but Rexall’s Belmont never used this simple filling system. We have used modern materials technology to bring you a great pen that’s ideal for quick jotting as well as for extended journaling. (And we’ve even designed the filler for easy repair should it ever be needed.) With its ink capacity of 1.8 ml, you’ll be able to steer clear of the ol’ ink bottle all day long—but you won’t have to, because the Belmont Pen is so quick and easy to flush that you can change ink colors almost as fast as you can change hats. It’s the perfect pen for every “inkophile”!

When you order a custom-ground nib, we reserve the right to change the nib from the tip size you’ve ordered to one that will better accommodate the requested grind.

Custom Grinds Explained

*Custom grinds are not an option on Full Flex Fine nibs*

Because we want you to have the best experience possible when you purchase a fountain pen from us, we tune each nib at no extra charge unless otherwise requested. We fill your pen with Waterman Mysterious Blue ink. Then, testing on paper of better than average quality, we tune, adjust, and smooth the nib to bring it up to the standard that you should come to expect when buying a fountain pen or nib from Indy-Pen-Dance.

A special note about gold nibs:

Gate City Pen has decided that it is no longer acceptable to follow the crowd and sell 18K nibs just because everybody else does. Instead, we are going to return to the Golden Age and make our pens better by using 14K nibs henceforth.

A note from Richard Binder, vintage pen and nib specialist:

“Why, if 14K is better than 18K, do pen makers insist on using nibs made of 18K or even 21K gold? Beginning with a centuries-old antifraud law in France, there are now laws in many countries that restrict what can, or cannot, be labeled as gold, and 18K is the break point. It is illegal in these countries to sell an object as gold if it is made with less gold than 18K. The result is that a higher gold content has unfortunately become associated with quality and, because gold is precious, with luxury. Manufacturers market it that way, and we’re stuck with inferior nibs that cost more than better ones would.”

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