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Edison Collier Fountain Pen

Edison Collier Fountain Pen
Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Burnished Gold Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Burnished Gold Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Steel Blue Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Steel Blue Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Antique Marble Edison Collier Fountain Pen - Persimmon Swirl
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Edison Collier Fountain Pen

Available in:
Antique Marble - Gold Trim - Two-Tone Edison Nib
Blue Steel - Silver Trim - Polished Steel Edison Nib
Persimmon Swirl - Gold Trim - Two-Tone Edison Nib
Burnished Gold - Gold Trim - Two-Tone Edison Nib

These accept a standard international converter (included) or short standard international cartridges.

Nibs avaliable in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, or Flex nibs, which are crafted from unbranded 14K nibs.
14K nib options include Fine, Medium, and Broad in unbranded nibs.

51/8"  (130.2 mm) Un-Capped - This pen is not designed to be posted.  It's light weight and comfortable size makes it an ideal choice for writing extended periods of time.
57/8"  (149.2 mm) - Capped

When you order a custom-ground nib, we reserve the right to change the nib from the tip size you’ve ordered to one that will better accommodate the requested grind.

Custom Grinds Explained

*Custom grinds are not an option on Full Flex Fine nibs* Please allow ten business days for flex nibs to be made.

Because we want you to have the best experience possible when you purchase a fountain pen from us, we tune each nib at no extra charge unless otherwise requested. We fill your pen with Waterman Mysterious Blue ink. Then, testing on paper of better than average quality, we tune, adjust, and smooth the nib to bring it up to the standard that you should come to expect when buying a fountain pen or nib from Indy-Pen-Dance.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Frank Parker
    I ordered two Colliers before the price increase last December. The Millers were sold out of one color choice, but they had a blue steel. I bought it with an EF nib. I found a Persimmon Swirl else in F. The Millers did their adjustment according to my writing profile, I am a curled around contorted lefty who was still taught passable Palmer. There is a lot of finger pushing going on try as I might to incorporate some righty moves with the wrist and arm, so an Extra Fine nib slightly off alignment or a slight bit of missed polishing, and I get feedback that cuts up fine papers, let alone common stock. To get to the, ahem, point, the EF on my Miller Collier writes without flaw, as smoothly as any good gold nib I have ever owned, but also as well as any nib I've ever owned regardless of size. The other Collier in F compares at about a C- level, and stock Edison pens as delivered write pretty well, if you don't know differently. This is fixable.
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